I help people who desire to make positive changes in their lives to find out what exactly is stopping them and how to overcome those barriers in a safe environment



what is stopping you?

what is stopping you?

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               Welcome  to  FearNoMore  Hypnobirthing & Professional  Coaching


My name is Kaidi, I am based in Essex, UK. I have been working with families, particularly with women pretty much for most of my life. Having a medical background, I felt that Hypnobirthing was the missing piece I had finally found for my puzzle. I have always seen pregnancy, childbirth and the early days after birth as the most vulnerable, same as mysterious, powerful and TRANSFORMATIONAL times in any woman’s life.


As a mother of four, thinking back to my own pregnancies, I remember those times being as the most life- changing ones. I had my first son, when I was very young and back then I had really no idea, what to expect from pregnancy or birth & how to cope with my baby afterwards. The help of my family and friends was really critical at this time.


That is also one of the main reasons, why I feel extremely passionate about supporting local women and their birthing partners on their wonderful journey to become parents. See below the services I am offering. Looking forward to working with You !

During my Hypnobirthing sessions I will give women and their birthing partners the tools & techniques to help them to prepare for a CALM, JOYFUL and POSITIVE birthing experience without being afraid and to make it their OWN. 


Hypnobirthing tools & techniques can be used in ANY birth situation and they help You to have the most positive experience that You can, in Your own individual birth circumstances.


No matter what happens during the birth, You can still feel prepared, CONFIDENT and in control. Remember, that birth is a natural, normal event in woman's life and while unpredictable, can be EMPOWERING and joyful experience for You and Your birthing partner.


I trained with The Calm Birth School & am teaching The Calm Birth Method in Stansted & surrounding areas in Essex, also online via Zoom.


I am offering a package of Hypnobirthing sessions, 10 hours in total for £ 350 ( 4 x 2.5 hours or  5 x 2 hours ).


Feel FEARLESS about Your birth, not freaked out!


Contact me for more information & bookings: kaiditehva@gmail.com, 07956507671

I am a Professional Coach, NLP & Timelines Practitioner and member of The Association for Professional Coaching.


I help You to make POSITIVE changes in Your life. You will overcome the challenges on Your way, that  enables You to move FORWARD in Your life and to reach Your GOALS.


Are You ready to find out WHAT is stopping You?


I am going to take You on a journey of self-discovery & Your life will never be the same. You will leave my coaching session with many WOW moments, with more clarity about Yourself and the life You want & with the clear ACTION PLAN for Your goal.



2 hour BREAKTHROUGH COACHING session £ 200, additional one-off sessions available for £ 100 per hour. Long-term ( 3 month & 6 month ) coaching packages are available, monthly payment plan can be agreed. Please note that all my coaching sessions are currently delivered online via Zoom. 

***NEW SERVICES available!***

 I am now also able to offer You Holistic Modalities during our sessions, such as :


❤️ Guided Meditation & Visualization

❤️ Breathwork

❤️ Inner Child Work

❤️ Creating Personalized Client Routines

❤️ Cacao Ceremonies and more!


SPECIAL offer for Holistic Coaching 3 month Coaching package: this package includes 2 x 60 minute coaching sessions every month, for a total of 6 sessions. You will receive a 50% discount over the regular hourly pricing structure. In this instalment plan, you will be charged £100 per month for 3 months, which is a savings of £300.


Contact me for more info and for FREE no obligatory discovery call: kaiditehva@gmail.com, 07956507671

,,The most successful people on the planet take control of their mindsets and focus on what can go right instead of fearing what could go wrong - and they do this with the help of a coach,'' Tony Robbins.


Client testimonials  *****                                                               

,,Dear Kaidi, Thank you so much for 2 hours of involvement using your amazing energy and knowledge to support me in discovering new and efficient solutions in achieving my goal.


You have so much empathy and you are an example of doing things with discipline and great involvement. It was a pleasure being coached by you because I had so many WOW moments. Thank you so much.''( October 2021)  *****